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    2011 - 02.13

    Last night we had a nice Greek inspired meal, one of the major deficiencies in our large collection of books, is that we completely lack a Greek cookbook, and that as far as we’ve been able to tell none of our ecclectic cookbooks have a recipe for souvlaki, Greek potatoes, or Greek rice.  Given that these are things we enjoy, it’s pretty irritating, as they really don’t seem like things which should be impossible to make at home, and given the overwhelming similarity between them when you go from restaurant to restaurant, well you’d think there’d be a recipe out there in the public domain somewhere that did them justice.  And well there might be, but I haven’t found it yet.

    We did get one step closer though in a Martha Stewart recipe for potatoes which although not a perfect recreation of the restaurant style Greek potatoes is close enough for now.  But if someone wants to hook us up with a good Greek cookbook, or even just recipes for souvlaki, rice and potatoes we’d be pretty happy.

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