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    2011 - 01.25

    So Karin mentioned that she had started drafting a new post, and I made some inappropriately snide remark, which she rebuffed with: “Random Synapses had more posts than Cowbels last time I checked.”  So the Post War has started… or maybe not.  I suppose it’s just a silly thing, given that she contribute in both locations (although less frequently here).  Still it gives me something to write about, and well, we like to get a little silly at times.  In fact there was a quote from dinner tonight “I needed a little silly”, and it was neither Karin no I who needed it, but we protect our sources here, being the last bastion of something.

    It might be more amusing and unique however to claim to be the penultimate bastion of something…  Something to think about on a sleepless night perhaps.

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    One Response to “Post War”

    1. Karin says:

      You realize that if we do start a Post War, I’ll stop posting over here… :)

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