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    2011 - 01.17

    We’ve been working on decluttering it seems like forever now, but I guess in truth it is a constant process.  The area which we fall down on most often is the actually getting things out of the house.  We’ve got stuff that we’re ready to get rid of, it’s just a matter of actually taking it somewhere else, and unfortunately most of those places aren’t open 24 hours, or in fact really normal hours at all, so there’s this awkward lack of coordination between the motivation to deal with it and the opportunity to do so.

    Did a little work on one of our bookcases today, and took a couple of books off of it, so if anyone is interested in these books, speak now.

    Spook Country, William Gibson.  The book’s okay, and has a local connection (a portion of the book takes place in the lower mainland), but overall it wasn’t his strongest effort by far, and the way in which the narrative jumped around prevented it from developing any real flow.

    Blood Noir, Laurell K. Hamilton.  To be honest, beyond having read it, I don’t remember anything specifically about the book.  Although I do continue to read the Anita Blake series of novels (and there has been improvement lately), the first 5 or so novels are by far the most compelling.  Some of the more recent books have seen more of a return to that earlier form/style.  I suppose the problem is that even in the books which don’t necessarily live up to that earlier high standard do manage to involve many (but certainly not all) of the cast of characters, and do advance the shared universe to some degree, and as such if you got sucked in by the earliest novels, it’s hard not to want to know what’s happening to everyone still.  But as you can see, the book is not good enough to merit a place on our book shelves, which we’re trying to make an increasingly rare honour.

    Additional note on Spook Country is that it seems as though some of the characters from the novel appear in his next novel Zero History… so if you were intending to read the complete works of William Gibson, you’d need to read it.

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