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    2011 - 01.12

    Hmmm, seems that there’s a bit of a theme at the moment, giving shout outs to friends who are doing something interesting on the Internet.  This one however is perhaps a little disturbing in that it’s probably a little too close to the sorts of things which Karin would love to be doing with her summer’s off, urban homesteading, or actual homesteading I suppose.

    This “project” is spearheaded by my cousin-by-marriage*, Heather, and it revolves around turning an interest into a hobby, and hopefully eventually into a viable business.  Here’s what she says about The Candle Wine Project:

    I am documenting my growth in what I hope will lead me to start my own business of selling cider and fruit wine.

    The idea was a slow growing one. I was raised on a farm, but went to live and work in the city. The recession was coming on, and I’m always looking for ways to do things myself to save a buck. You know, go back to the basics. I moved in with my boyfriend in a house in the suburbs, and finally got to grow a garden. After my boyfriend was upgraded to fiancé, we went to a local distillery, and I was really impressed, thinking, this would be awesome to do myself, but I didn’t really do anything about it. However, there was a man in our tour group who said he had brewed cider, and I thought that would be a better starting point since my parents have six apple trees on their property. Free material source!

    I got a hold of some books on cider and started reading them on my honeymoon since I now had time with the wedding being over. I was strictly thinking of doing it as a hobby at this point. There was one day, however, where I was jealous of my husband’s summers off from teaching, and the increased recession fears that my new boss was going to let me go. This idea of having a winery suddenly popped into my head, and I’ve kind of obsessed with the idea since, knowing that I still wouldn’t get summers off.

    My winery would not sell grape wine because that can be found anywhere. Instead, I draw my inspiration from Shallon Winery in Astoria, OR. It is run by an old gentleman who makes the most wonderful fruit wines, including a cranberry whey wine and a chocolate orange wine. One time I when I was there, before I had my business idea, I asked what would happen upon his death, as it would be a terrible thing to lose his recipes. Now I hope that I could purchase at least the cranberry whey wine recipe from him.

    I hope you will watch as I try to turn this little hobby into a business.

    There’s also a Facebook page for The Candle Wine Project if you prefer using Facebook.  Go ahead, you know you’ll “like” it ;-)

    * when I was thinking about this post, I thought to myself, how do I describe this relationship: the wife of my cousin, or more precisely my father’s brother’s son’s spouse.  I suppose the appropriate and commonly accepted term would be cousin-in-law, or because most people don’t question the lineage of cousins (at least in polite conversation) cousin probably would have been an acceptable shorthand.  That said, I elected to go with cousin-by-marriage, because well it’s accurate, and it also in my mind seems less insulting than cousin-in-law, which felt to me to imply that if it weren’t for some “law” you would not recognize that individual as having any relationship to you!

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    One Response to “The Candle Wine Project”

    1. Karin says:

      I’ve been following Heather for awhile, although I’ve mostly lurked there. I’d love to get into wine making. I’ve actually made three different kinds of alcohol before; a white grape/apple wine that my friend and I made from scratch (fairly drinkable, even though most of the bottles exploded-either because the yeast kept bubbling or because we stored them outside and the cold blew them up) a red from a kit that we forgot about for six years in the carboy (too chicken to drink since it was sitting on the lees the whole time and exposed to the grossness of the basement) and some mead (too chicken to try more than a tiny bit…scared we would poison ourselves. It was pretty vile.)

      I wonder if I’ve got any of that white left…

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