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    2011 - 01.12

    So last night we tried to watch the episode of Burn Notice that we taped on Showcase HD (Shaw 234). It’s really too bad that there’s a lot of shows we like on that channel, because aside from the content there’s a lot of reasons to hate it.

    This particular time there was no dialogue audio track for the first 15 minutes of the episode, there was full music and sound effects but no speech, it was pretty weird, and amusing.  Ultimately however it was unwatchable, so here’s hoping that they get their act together when they re-air it on Sunday.

    So what are these other reasons to hate Showcase HD you ask?  Well, they often don’t have episode information included in the Shaw Guide, instead it’s a generic show description, which means two things: you can’t determine if you’ve already seen the episode or if it’s new, and secondly the PVR’s series recordings can’t tell either.  This seems not to be a problem with Burn Notice at the moment, although historically it had been.  Current, or recent shows with that problem: Haven, Sherlock, Wallander, Lost Girl, Strike Back, Luther and Covert Affairs.  Other things which are annoying:

    • all times in promos are in eastern time, and Showcase HD does not have a pacific time equivalent, so everything airs 3 hours earlier (which sometimes is nice, but it’s annoying that they fail to ever acknowledge this)
    • they have started doing in show commercials, where something pops up at the bottom of the screen and takes about half of it in width, and a quarter in height, and displays a promo for another one of their shows.  They are large, distracting, opaque, and now they even include sound!  Hello, I’m trying to watch and listen to the show I’m watching, and you’ve covering credits, subtitles, information and dialogue with these promos?!?!?!?  It makes you want to just buy the DVD instead.

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    One Response to “Say What?!?!???!”

    1. Karin says:

      Those pop up ads are the WORST! I also find AMC has a really bad feed. Rubicon was extremely frustrating. I wonder if that and the sound problem on Burn Notice were unique to us or if other people experienced the same issues.

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