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    New Camcorder

    2010 - 12.30

    So just after her birthday Karin got a MinoHD Flip 720p camcorder from Costco, it was a good deal ($99.99) and was more or less what she wanted.  Well today we logged about 5000 steps on our pedometers as we enjoyed the sunshine and walked to Costco from home to return it.  Last time we were at Costco we saw that they had a newer model with twice as much storage and image stabilization.  Since we returned the first one, we’re now looking to see what else is out there, so we can decide what camcorder to buy.

    Turns out there’s a dizzying array of options out there, which is really a bad thing, because Karin does not do well with dizzy!  Boxing week sales are still on, but nothing is that compelling so far.  We’ve got a list of desirable features narrowed down to:

    • 1080p or maybe 1080i (versus the 720p of the Flip)
    • long battery life, removable battery, and/or can run while plugged in (there was a viable candidate we found, but it had a short battery life, and wouldn’t run while plugged in)
    • at least 2 hours recording time (ideally significantly more, or supports additional memory cards)
    • reasonably small and light is desirable
    • reasonable sound quality or supports external mic
    • reasonable low light performance

    We’ll keep you posted on what we get, when we decide on something, in the meantime suggestions or recommendations are welcome.

    Wine Tasting Cards

    2010 - 12.24

    So a little over 14 months ago Karin did a double blind wine tasting at her birthday party, and in order to do that we came up with some wine tasting cards.  Surprisingly a search for Wine Tasting cards still doesn’t produce much in the way of results.

    As part of their Christmas gift we gave Karin’s brother and girlfriend-in-law some of the cards that we created for the birthday party, as they have started hosting their own wine tastings.  So given that we’re already sharing the cards with others, I figured what the hell, let’s release them to the world, and see if anyone else finds them useful. 

    So we can only take partial credit for these cards, as they are heavily based on the score cards from www.finedinings.com and their suggestions on how to host a wine tasting.  Another viable alternative score card is available from Better Tasting Wine, but for now we like ours better.

    One thing that is probably worth mentioning in case people from all over the Internet happen across the post, is that I essentially typeset the existing cards that we found, I’m not a wine connoisseur, in truth I don’t drink at all.  Essentially, I claim no wine expertise, and don’t in truth understand all of the criteria used for rating the wines on the cards.  That said, feel free to offer feedback or suggestions.

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