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    Sick Again

    2010 - 11.30

    After going six months or more without getting a cold, suddenly I’m sick twice in two months to the point where I have to miss school. Bleah. I’m trying to remember different things that I did or didn’t do that might be contributing.

    Testing new wireless keyboard…

    2010 - 11.28

    So we’re sitting in the living room using our new wireless keyboard and mouse attached to Karin’s old computer and our 52″ Sony HDTV.  So far it seems to be working just fine, so I guess we’ll probably keep the configuration.


    2010 - 11.28

    So we’re changing our e-mail addresses, and given that I’ve used my previous one for the last 14 years, I’ve got to update it in a lot of places (understandably).  What I am noticing though is that far too many of the newsletters that you receive (or that I receive anyway) only have “unsubscribe” options, and don’t have a simple option for updating your e-mail address or profile.  The end result in some cases is that I just click on “unsubscribe” and move on, instead of updating the e-mail address because it’s just too much effort.


    2010 - 11.27

    One of my favourite SNL skits ever…find the whole thing if you can… :) –Karin

    Be Patient

    2010 - 11.27

    Ok, so we’ve moved to a new stage in our relationship, shared web hosting ;-)  But we’re just starting to get the site set up, and it’s report card time, so don’t expect too much too soon.

    We’re also experimenting at the moment, so don’t be alarmed if this content disappears or changes dramatically in the short term.

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